You, The Ideal Candidate – A Millennial’s Success Journey

A Short Guide to Getting Exactly What You Want in Your Career -- and Life

I’ve done it. I’ve written and am now releasing my first e-book! After weeks of early mornings and many late nights, I’m excited to share with you: You, The Ideal Candidate.

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About the e-book

You, The Ideal Candidate is exactly what the subtitle says, A Short Guide to Getting Exactly What You Want In Your Career –and Life.

I’ve found many people want to be successful but maybe, don’t know where to start. That was me too. My journey over the last 10 years has been a roller coaster of learning, opportunities, and experiences I could never have seen as a then college student.

As you’ll read in the book, I’ve had a prayer I’ve said most mornings the last 11 years to “accelerate my process.” The process I’ve discovered is what is outlined in this e-book.

Inside it contains….

  • How I went from having limited career prospects my last semester of college to landing a dream job before graduation day.
  • The secret to finding out what you want in life.
  • How to create your future.
  • How you can re-wire your brain.
  • A sure-fire way to find a spouse!
  • The top 25 books that have shaped my thinking.
  • A worksheet to plan your ideal life.

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