How to Re-Wire Your Brain and Accomplish All Your Dreams

I like to say that I’ve almost done more than anyone I know. Creating an idea is fun. Writing it down generates excitement. But, after you’ve done that, how do you follow through to accomplish your dreams? Someone once told motivation speaker, Zig Ziglar, that they didn’t like motivational speeches because motivation doesn’t last. His response […]

The Most Important Choice You Can Make to Discover Your Unique Gift

You are much more interesting than you know.

You have a unique gift. It’s yours and doesn’t look like anyone else’s. It’s true, but not easily remembered in a culture where everyone else’s gift (or your perception of it) is posted online every day. It has taken me over 10 years to realize this and I have to remind myself of it constantly. […]

5 Keys to Overcoming Major Setbacks on the Road to Success

Years ago there was an indoor “atmosphere” created at the University of Arizona. In this dome, researchers noticed that before the trees reached full maturity they would break apart. Later, they discovered that wind strengthened a tree’s core by blowing it back and forth. But, the dome had no wind. I had a friend tell me this story several […]

You, The Ideal Candidate – A Millennial’s Success Journey

A Short Guide to Getting Exactly What You Want in Your Career -- and Life

I’ve done it. I’ve written and am now releasing my first e-book! After weeks of early mornings and many late nights, I’m excited to share with you: You, The Ideal Candidate. About the e-book You, The Ideal Candidate is exactly what the subtitle says, A Short Guide to Getting Exactly What You Want In Your Career […]

Why Most People Never Accomplish Their Purpose – and How You Can

This week I know my purpose. Last week, I did not. This week, I beat resistance. Last week, I did not. What is my purpose? It fills the byline of best-selling books, Sunday morning sermons, and study guides everywhere. We’d think it was an elusive boogeyman that with enough chai tea, we’d discover and never […]

10 Secrets That Make You A Great Public Speaker

Statistically, you fear this, more than actually dying. That said, there will come a time in your career when you will be asked to give a speech or presentation. The outcome will go either of two ways. Will you read off the slides and produce another moment when people feel their time was wasted? Or, […]

In Search of Creativity

How Non-Creatives Can Become Creative

I doubt if he even remembers the conversation. On a warm Georgia evening, chatting in front of our college dorm, my friend Matt, made the best statement I’ve heard on creativity. As was our custom, we were pontificating people’s ability to remake themselves. He told me, “Mike, you’re NOT a very creative person but if […]

3 Types of Reading That Make You Awesome

I’ve read over 500 books in the last decade. Some were great. Other….ehhh. Working from the premise that reading is an essential ingredient to the fulfilled life, where do you start? Varying reports say 600,000 – 1 million books are published each year. WordPress states that last month, 24 Billion blog pages were visited. That’s […]

Knowledge is the New Pedigree

“I cannot live without books.” The Library of Congress is my favorite place for inspiration. Specifically, the Thomas Jefferson exhibition, where those words penned by Jefferson, are displayed on the glass protecting some of our nations most valued treasures. My earliest childhood memories are from the Charles H. Stone Memorial Library. Whether borrowing my favorite […]