3 Types of Reading That Make You Awesome

I’ve read over 500 books in the last decade. Some were great. Other….ehhh. Working from the premise that reading is an essential ingredient to the fulfilled life, where do you start? Varying reports say 600,000 – 1 million books are published each year. WordPress states that last month, 24 Billion blog pages were visited. That’s […]

Knowledge is the New Pedigree

“I cannot live without books.” The Library of Congress is my favorite place for inspiration. Specifically, the Thomas Jefferson exhibition, where those words penned by Jefferson, are displayed on the glass protecting some of our nations most valued treasures. My earliest childhood memories are from the Charles H. Stone Memorial Library. Whether borrowing my favorite […]

The Real Meaning of Success

And What to do About It

I believe two things we want most in life are self-worth and success. It’s the most written about, talked about, debated, and sought after principle in history. From the writings of Solomon in ancient Israel to all the Greek philosophers, to today what is a multi – billion dollar industry, we all want to know, what’s the […]

How to Work and Succeed with Impact

In your journey to excel in meaningful work, there’s an additional item that I wished I’d been told early on. In his book, The Ultimate Sales Machine, (which is a must-read for anyone wanting to be successful) the late Chet Holmes describes two things that drive the SUPERSTAR high achievers vs. the average producer. These […]

The Secrets to Making Work Your Art

It’s been a popular theme the last few years to “find your hidden artist.” As a millennial, when I hear someone say they want to explore their art, I can’t help twinge with some idea that all they want to do is be a professional Instagrammer; taking pictures sipping coffee, banging away on their Mac […]

Welcome to My New Blog!

-A Brief Introduction -

This is a project I started in 2013 and put on hold. I’ve been itching for a while to re-launch and here we are! This blog is the result of a journey I’ve had for 11 years in the world of personal improvement. I’ve been an extensive student of personal development, successful people, and the […]